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We have created exciting outdoor activities for teams which are prepared to get up from their comfortable chairs and go outside to enjoy new experiences and to learn new things not just about themselves but also the surrounding areas. By using their agility and sharp minds participants will have to deal with various difficulty tasks and challenges. And it will not always be clear which direction is the right one for reaching their goal that’s why they will have to do some thinking before making the next move.

The game is based on tablets, ensuring that the players wont get lost and to make it easier to follow given hints. Either if you prefer a relaxing stroll in the park or you want to beat others in a heated competition this game can start off as a simple walk but turn into a amazing quest-filled adventure, create different tactics to become the ultimate winners.

1. Participant will receive instructions, game characteristics and also receive a tablet

2. The game takes place outdoors where players have to find different checkpoints, some visible and easy to find others not so much

3. In each checkpoint there are different tasks to face, for example, brain teasers, physical challenges or other interactive tasks

4. Game is made as a competition where smartest and fastest teams reach victory.

These games are adaptable for any needs and abilities and the tasks can be customised for the location as well as events theme.

The Game is exciting and you will want to get to the next level;

 Anyone can be part of the game; 

Can be played in a rather small area so everyone can interact with each other;

 Great way to identify teams roles in a team-building event;

 Game can be customized for your companies event..

Corporate events:

business meetings, "kickoff meetings", team-building events, annual events or parties.

Private events:

As active and fun part of any party or gathering 

Lenght: 40min - 2h

Price: 500€*

Group size: 6 - 200 people


Anywhere outdoors with 3G coverage

*A standart price for group of 10 people. Price may change by size of group, location, specific wishes etc.

+371 28685894

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