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Conferences, seminars and training unites different people with similar interest and a desire to grow as a personalities, however, often it is necessary to encourage and introduce the participants to each other, so that the experience is no only effective but also interesting and exciting. In occasions like these you can introduce an ice breaking game, activities to stimulate movement, introduction games or going to dinner in a fun way. 

"Looppool" offers:​

  • Solutions for introducing participants with each other;

  • Games and activities to encourage and motivate participant for involvement;

  • Exciting solutions how to explore the location theme of the event;

  • Team based games involving communication and strategy skills;

  • Solutions of how to acquire participant opinion and establish contact;

  • Games created to practice leadership and team management skills;

  • Fun and innovative team building games to include after the official part, for example to find the dinner place in a awesome way.



Often the main reason behind the planning of corporate events is forgotten - to unify and strengthen the employees and their teams. Statistics show us that a unified team can work much more effectively and efficiently, also increasing the total output and growth of a company. Team-building games allow to better understand co-workers and to find better solutions for tricky situations. Our fun games can be played outdoors or indoors not considering the weather or location.

"Looppool" offers:​

  • If the celebration takes place at the tables we offer a innovative QUIZ type erudition activity. It is easy to navigate the game using an app. This is a creative way how to efficiently include important information about the company or its employees, new products or main events. 

  • Bomb Defusal game can easily be a introduced as part of an events program. The game can be played at the tables, each table can defuse their own bomb, or in any interesting room by your choice, like basement, attic etc. 

  • Indoor exploring game, using modern technologies will be the perfect game for fans of active parties. It is organised as competition between teams / tables. 

  • Treasure chest - all the players have a common goal, to open the large mysterious treasure chest. It is possible only when everyone (teams/ tables) cooperates with each other. In the chest you can find a pleasant prize or maybe a more flexible colleague. 



We offer our expertise in organizing and planning in different incentives and teambuilding events for tourism agencies,  collected for more than 10 years. "Looppool" offers solutions how to show your guest around the city in an exciting and fun way, to design different thematic routes and also to provide games and other content in different languages. We can customize our activities to b suited for different towns and cities, introducing your visitors with the most popular and fun locations, also to explore the hidden gems so that the visit would truly be an unforgettable experience 




Why no introduce the technologies on a special events like these. Almost every person who is planning an event like this has thought how to overcome the uncomfortable moments of silence, when the guest have arrived and are standing in small groups looking rather shy, We have a effective solution how to swiftly encourage and bring them together. "Looppool" has every way of creating a special and customized content regarding the jubilee, newly wedded and interesting fact about them.

"Looppool" offers:​

  • Activities which would be as fun introduction game between the celebration guests;

  • Wedding guest vehicle navigation games, for example from the ceremony to the celebration location;

  • Any specially designed solutions to introduce in your events program.




Our team can create customized games and events designed just for your hotels or guest house location, indoors and outdoors. These activities can be anything from a story about a ghost or a game with tasting of cocktails or an escape game presenting an old legend. If you have corporate guests or members of any other organisation, then this could be a grate way to attract extra attention and interest from potential guests. 

"Looppool" offers:

  • Custom theme games for events indoors;

  • Navigational games and activities; 

  • Hiking trips as games or informative routes in your guest house vicinity;

  • Custom solutions depending on your guest preferences.




We can provide custom content for City Festivals or other public events.

  • City exploration games - a fun way to tell the tale of your city and to do sightseeing;

  • Navigational and adventure games as part of public celebration;

  • Games and navigational activities for families with kids;

  • Hiking as a game - with a modern guide in your tablet.

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