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We organize team building events for 15 years already. Loop Pool is a company EŽI branch which emerged with the rise of technological possibilities and the need of modern urban games. Loop Pool has united those with a passion for games. We love to create games without boundaries. Why couldn’t you have an escape game for 100 people? We can create games both for large companies and for small groups of people, both indoors and outdoors. Let’s loop around!


Master of loops


Project manager

+371 26121939


Office manager

+371 28685894


Who are you?

Actually we are EŽI. We create and lead team building games! We do it well and with passion. More about us you can read here!

What is the process of the game?

First, we are warming you up with a fun energizer, then splitting you into teams (4-10 persons). Afterwards we will shortly brief you and hand out necessary equipment, so the game can begin!


What should we do in case we are stuck / lost / don’t understand / there has been a technical error?

Our team will be reachable throughout the event. The game will continue!


Are the games technologically difficult?

Games are not difficult and everyone will have their own role! Someone will be responsible for technologies, others will search and explore or think and solve.


What should we expect to gain from these team games?

New talents will be revealed, you will get to know each other better and will find out the charachter of your team! Besides, it will be fun and full of adventures!


Are these games physically demanding?

As a saying goes - move to live. Loop Pool games are a challange by choice. If you are not ready to run, you can participate by solving riddles, giving orders to your teammates or just drinking coffee.


Can the bomb really blow up?

Sure something will blow up - otherwise it would not be fun to play! We guarantee you that nobody will get hurt!


What do we do in case of rain / snow / hurricane / frogs falling from the sky?

Check the weather forecast and dress accordingly. If that still doesn't help, we can play the games indoors. Frogs? No idea!

Is it possible to organise games anywhere? In our office, home town, my garden or sauna for example?



What does LOOP POOL mean?

We like the idea of breaking out of loops and find this palindrome (the words can be read the same way from both sides) interesting. Sometimes it is worthwile to think from the other side!

How many days, months, years in advance we need to call, write or telegraph to order the game?

We are flexible guys! If our equipment is available, we can react within a day!


Why should we choose LOOP POOL?

If you are looking for an exciting event hosted by great and fun guys, then we are a fine option!


We have noticed that our life is full of loops. There are situational loops where we say: “I have experienced this already!”. Then there are habit loops, where we start to be aware of the fact that we do things in a certain way. And then there are loops that tend to tighten up or loops like spirals for development where you get to another level.


Loop Pool is a “loop simulator”. We have created positive “loop games” for team building occasions, city excursions and overall positive experiences for teams. Some loops are made to be broken, but some are supposed to be tightened up. Loop Pool is a playground. Here you can play with loops safely and excitingly. 


+371 28685894

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