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For the cold and rainy part of the year we have created team-based games to be played indoors, so that you could entertain your guests right inside where you have your celebration. We have prepared different activities in which participants will have to compete with each other as well as cooperate in order to win. Sharp mind and out of the box thinking will be the key to the victory!

These games include different equipment as well us tablets, therefore we can create

something for anyone.

1.  The guests will be divided in several teams and they will receive everything necessary for the game and the instructions;

2.  Games takes place indoors, usually at the tables or while sitting and we can include moving around the events venue;

3.  Players will have to take on different types of quests and quizzes in order to find clues;

4.  The game can be made as a competition or a cooperation activity.

The game can be customised for any type of indoor event and everyone can participate because there are no activities requiring physical strength. The contents of the game can be designed according to the theme of your event.

Game is rather fast and everyone can participate;

 Game can be played indoors and outdoors

A fun intro or part for your event;

No special equipment needed;

 Game can easily be customized for your companies event.

Corporate events:

 part of business meetings, "kickoff meetings", team-building events, summer or anniversary events.

Private events:

activity  or part off birthday parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties  etc.

Lenght: 1 - 1.5h

Price: 650*

Group size: 8 - 100 people


Any place with additional rooms around it

*A standart price for group of 10 people. Price may change by size of group, location, specific wishes etc.

+371 28685894

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