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Have you ever tried nowadays popular escape rooms? Locked in within four walls and the only way to break out is by beating different challenges which require the use of a sharp mind as well as the ability to make right decisions quickly. We offer to experience the same situation outside, in the fresh air!

This time the participants will be trapped within a virtual reality from which they have to find the right way out.

To successfully deal with the task, a good team work will be required so that all the game levels can be beaten and everything necessary for the escape can be found. Escape is the main objective!

This game is brought to life by modern technologies since tablets work as a medium between the players and their escape route.

  1. Teams will receive a tablet which will outline the game territory and starting point;

  2. Players receive everything necessary so that they could deal with given tasks successfully;

  3. Checkpoint make up different levels of the game, all levels have to be beaten in order to win;

  4. By beating different fun and challenging tasks and questions, teams are getting closer to victory;

  5. The winners are the ones who find the way out as fast as possible and using the least amount of hints.

Game contains question with an amusing background, therefore the game is suitable for a wide range of people.

Game level contents can be customised for different topics, like film, well known people, events or even custom made topic desired for clients.

The Game is exciting and you will want to get to the next level;

 Anyone can be part of the game; 

Can be played in a rather small area so everyone can interact with each other;

 Great way to identify teams roles in a team-building event;

 Game can be customized for your companies event..

Corporate events:

business meetings, "kickoff meetings", team-building events, summer or anniversary events.

Private events:

activity for birthday parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties  etc.

Lenght: 2 - 3h

Price: 650€*

Group size: 8 - 120 people


outdoors – city parks, guest house /hotel /office  surroundings.

*A standart price for group of 10 people. Price may change by size of group, location, specific wishes etc.

+371 28685894

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