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Everyone has seen movies where the hero has to go through a really tense and stressful situation before cutting the right wire of an explosive. Red or blue – who knows which one is the right choice? We offer everyone a chance to go through the same experience, of course, not always everything is just as easy as in the movies. This time you will have to think outside the box before you will have to face the final decision – which wire to cut first!?

The bomb is real! As you can see it in front of you, ticking, you and your colleagues will have to be united and break free so that you could even think about defusing it. Even the movies have obstacles before heroes save the world – locked in the basement, chained to a table – our ideas have no boundaries.

1. Teams receive short instruction for the further steps. so they would understand the level of seriousness because the bomb might actually blow;

2. The area and participants are prepared for the beginning of the game;

3. Players have to beat several levels of the game, just as in any other escape game, so they could save themselves and their friends;

4. If players are successful they win the game, otherwise the bomb goes off.

Game contains tricky brain teasers which require non standardised style of thinking. This game is suitable for a wide range of people who have no problems with working under some pressure. The game stages can be customised with different difficulty levels and adapted for the events theme.

Great team-building game for your friends and colleagues;

Anyone can participate

This game teaches how to act in high stress situations;

 Improve leader skills and to observe teams behavior in extraordinary situations;

Games can be customized depending on your events theme. 

Corporate events:

business meetings, "kickoff meetings", corporate parties, business diner etc.

Private events:

cool part of your birthday, bachelor or bachelorette party

Lenght: 1 - 2h

Price: 650€*

Group size: 4 - 80 people


Indoors or anywhere with a roof.

*A standart price for group of 10 people. Price may change by size of group, location, specific wishes etc.

+371 28685894

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