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Breakout game "Looppool"

21st of April was a legendary day for us, because we hosted our first ever public escape game “Looppool”. The game was a present from Radio SWH and event agency Eži to anyone who was interested in testing out their skills and attempt to escape Riga Old town. There were 50 active and fun teams participating and demonstrating their abilities by overcoming different tricky questions and tasks. The main goal of this game was to find clues which revealed the right way out of Riga Old Town. Each team had their own unique experience but the most successful were #VismaActive-1 which also won the business and enterprise competition and was able to bring back to office the main prize from Eži. Only few points behind landed Rimi Baltic and the third place goes for Ziemeļdienvidvējš! All of the leading teams also won invitations to Radio SWH 25th anniversaries concert in summer.

This was the first time when LoopPool escape game was played in a public event and it received a lot of positive feedback from participants! Thanks for everyone who took part in this adventure and had an awesome afternoon with LoopPool!



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